Now Available: Faerie Tale

FaeryTaleweb23Faerie Tale
Author: Dennis Lawrence
Genre: LGBT/Gay contemporary
Length: Super novel
eISBN: 978-1-937796-21-1
MSRP: 8.99
You pay: 4.99

Kokoro Press ratings:

Heat rating: 3 Flames – Stories will have sensual, yet more explicit love scenes, and the language used to describe them may be more graphic and direct.
Happy Ever After (HEA) – Yes

Cover art: Les Byerley

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Critical success, sudden fame, toe-curling sex with the man of your dreams, a back-up best friend in the wings, friends with potentially life-shattering secrets and heart-breaking, career destroying machinations by someone close to him; just how much of a good thing can a small-city gay guy take?

Writing Faerie Tale was Jack’s way of filling time after the death of his lover. He never expected it to become a best-seller, yanking him from his quiet West Palm Beach group of friends and quiet life, to Hollywood, Provincetown, and then, into the arms and bed of Academy Award winning actor Todd Power.

Jack’s friends Jill and Michael, are overjoyed by his success, but are dealing with demons of their own. Michael, desperate to escape his dead-end job with a South Florida tabloid, decides that respectability will be attained by writing an unauthorized biography of Todd Power. With the collusion of Todd’s actress wife, who has her own reasons to seek vengeance, he plans to “out” the actor, even though it will break the heart of one of his closest friends.

Ben and Brian withheld a secret from their friends that can either destroy their relationship of build the bonds of forever. The couple wants nothing more than for Jack to find a love like the one they share, and they know where he should look.

Rounding out the group is Andy, who has silently loved Jack for years. He’s waited patiently for Jack to work through his grief and now watches helplessly as he falls for a man with whom Andy can’t compete. Deciding that it’s time to move on, he looks for the right moment to say goodbye to his life in West Palm Beach.

Whether it’s the depths of despair, endless fame and fortune, or just learning that the real treasures of life can be found in your own backyard, what comes next can happen only in a Faerie Tale.

Jack had E-mail, and he was pleased to see that it was from Ripley69. He had no idea who Ripley69 was, but they had been corresponding ever since Jack signed onto the Internet server. Ripley69’s fact sheet identified him as a white, gay male in his early forties, just shy of six feet tall, muscular, and into giving and receiving oral sex. The computer handle “Ripley69” attested to his love for the Alien movies and good oral sex. Jack’s own screen name and fact sheet was less imaginative than one would expect from a successful writer. Jack’s screen name was JackC38 and his bio identified him only as a gay male, listing his profession as a freelancer. Jack opened the letter onscreen.

Ripley69: Haven’t heard from you for a while. Are you okay? Email me so we can talk.

Jack smiled and punched the reply to author button. It was two a.m. and he expected no reply until the next day or the day after.

JackC38: I’m fine. How are you? I’ve been out of town. Email me when you have time.

Jack pushed himself away from the computer and walked into the kitchen. He pulled a bottle of beer from the refrigerator, opened it, and swallowed about half in one continuous gulp. Perhaps if he had a slight buzz he might be able to get back to sleep.

Closing the refrigerator, he walked back into the living room to shut down the computer. A little envelope was flashing in the bottom left corner; he had E-mail.

Ripley69: Hey. Glad you’re back. Aren’t you up kinda late? Jack chugged the rest of his beer and started typing.

JackC38: Glad to be back. I had a bad dream and couldn’t get back to sleep. Decided to get something to drink. Thought I’d check my mail and there you were!

Ripley69: Lucky me! I watched an old movie and just didn’t feel like going to bed. Tomorrow’s Saturday, so I figured I’d pretend to be a night owl. Isn’t that a hoot?

JackC38: ROLF. Good pun. What are you doing home alone on a Friday night? I would have thought a hot stud like you would have had a hot date.

Ripley69: Hot date, right. It’s just me and my cat. Why don’t you come on over and maybe we can put some heat into the night?
JackC38: Don’t tempt me.
Ripley69: Ooh. Do I detect a note of interest after all these months of E-mailing each other?
JackC38: I guess we all get lonely sometimes. 😦
Ripley69: Amen, Mr. Rogers. Want me to help you fall asleep?
JackC38: How? I’m all ears and fingers.
Ripley69: Fingers? I could get a little nasty with those… 🙂
JackC38: Don’t get dirty on me now, Rip. How are you going to help me sleep?
Ripley69: What are you wearing?
JackC38: Shit, Rip, that’s the oldest line in the book. Can’t you come up with something better than that?
Ripley69: You’re the writer. Now answer my question.
JackC38: I’m buck ass naked because I just got out of bed. What the hell do you wear at 2 a.m.?
Ripley69: I’m wearing the same thing you are.
JackC38: Congratufuckinlations. We’ll probably all catch colds. What now?
Ripley69: You’re left-handed, so you’ll have to type with your right hand while you rap those other fingers around that dickhead of yours and imagine me sitting here naked in front of my computer doing the same thing.
JackC38: Rip, you know I’m not into this cybersex thing. If I’m gonna do it, I want to do it with a real person.
Ripley69: I am a real person, asshole. Are you getting hard yet?

Jack paused in his typing. Who the fuck was this person? Jack had no idea, really, other than he had seemed pleasant and intelligent in the correspondence they had shared these past few months. Looking down, Jack realized he was indeed titillated by the idea of getting it on with Rip.

Ripley69: I’ve got my fist wrapped around my meat. I’m thinking about you sitting there, doing the same.
JackC38: I gotta admit, I’m getting hard. This is gonna slow typing down some. Feels good, tho. Wish I knew what you looked like, Rip.
Ripley69: Jack, I’m good looking and have a hard body and am imagining you sliding your hands all up and down it.
JackC38: God, I can almost feel you touching me. I’m so hard.
Ripley69: Me, too. Slow typing cuz I’m greasing my pole.
JackC38: I’m gonna blow any minute.
Ripley69: Let it go, sweetmeat. Pretend you’re about to cum all over my chest.
JackC38: Close, man. You?
Ripley69: Yeah.
JackC38: God, I wish you were here. Love to have you go down on this.
Ripley69: Me, too. I’m there in spirit, buddy.
JackC38: I’m cummingggg…God…
Ripley69: Me, too.

Jack arched back in his computer chair as he orgasmed. The feeling was intense, and much more enjoyable than he had expected. Now came the hard part. How was he going to end this session and get back to bed? His eyes returned to his computer screen.

Ripley69: Thanks, Jack. Was great. Gotta go clean up and get to bed. Maybe we should think about really getting together to do this!

JackC38: Great for me, too. Bet I’ll get back to sleep now.

Jack sent his last message, but the screen indicated that it was undeliverable as Ripley69 had already signed off. So much for worrying about how to end it, thought Jack. He shut down the computer and ambled into the bedroom. Wiping himself off with a handful of tissue, he settled back, adjusted the covers, and was on the verge of sleep within minutes.

He came back to full awareness with a startling thought. How had Ripley69 known that he was writer? How did he know he was left-handed?

About Sedonia Guillone

Pubished author of lgbt and m/f romance. Ghostwriter and editor with fifteen years' experience. Publisher of two imprints, Ai Press for romance and Kokoro Press for mainstream, gay fiction, spiritual and memoirs.
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