Now Available: Reverse Chronicles by Jonas (Jihyeong) Park

The Unraveling of the Past
Reverse Chronicles, Book One
Author: Jonas Park
Genre: Time Travel/Alternate History/Fantasy
Length: Short novel
Price: 2.99 USD

Cover art: Jonas Park

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In a realm between life and death, in a place that human beings have no idea exists, is the Time Continent. Unbeknownst to humankind, the Time Continent is where a select group of disembodied souls spend their afterlife, dictating the course of human events throughout history. It is the inhabitants of the Time Continent who are responsible over much of the lives and deaths on Earth…

One such soul, Pastool Logan, once powerful committee head of Past Events, stands trial. In an act of desperation to find out who he was and where he came from while alive, Logan broke protocol, causing the deaths of hundreds and has been condemned to eternity in a Time Dungeon. When a dear friend visits him in the dungeon, Logan recounts the course of events that led up to his crime and draws his friend into a world of deception, violence, beauty and miraculous connections in his search for identity. Little does he know that one mysterious woman holds the answers he seeks.

Reverse Chronicles is an exploration of the deepest connections between human beings and of the harrowing issue that plagues all humanity, from the mightiest nation down to the smallest individual: the issue of power over weakness and the struggle to define what real strength truly is.


The Violation against Nature

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
-George Orwell, 1984.

The Joseon era, the time period that consisted of a limited number of people in a limited space, was not changed by outer world influence. However, the Joseon I see now is very different from the Joseon that I imagined.
While Neo-Confucianism, emphasized by Confucian scholars, was still to some degree the philosophy of Joseon—the Korean dynasty of the 1600s—contrary to what our history books tell us, various races, cultures, and thought mingled unlike how the Korean dynasty back then was limited and restricted from any communication with outside world.. What had happened to create such an anomaly?

The actions of one particular individual catapulted Joseon’s history two hundred years ahead of its time, giving Joseon an opportunity to meet and communicate with other worlds in advance, long before they should ever even have known of these other worlds.

The individual in question was a westerner.

He was a very tall westerner. He wore a dark green suit of a Scottish plaid, perhaps the tartan of the Abercrombie. At first glance, he seemed meticulously dressed, with his green silk hat and neat suit. His clothing was far from being neat or tidy, in fact. His clothes were soaked by a girl’s bright red blood.
He kneeled on a plain sand valley, where his beloved girl was forever gone.

The man was weeping and trying in vain to wipe off blood from his clothes. The girl’s red blood turned to black rapidly.

An old gentleman with white hair soon appeared out of nowhere and stood before the man at some distance. This man wore a gold silk hat and suit. He was wearing a glass on his right eye and, actually, that glass was a translucent watch with a ticking hour hand and a ticking minute hand and had only one lens attached with small metal chains – something a gentleman from real history could possibly wear. The hour hand and minute hand in the watch were moving at the speed of a regular watch.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

“How pathetic are you?” he shouted. “Why did you not follow the providence of nature sooner? What on earth could make you keep denying the providence of nature even though we warned you several times?”

The man at the crime scene glared at him. The beloved girl just vanished before this man, and this man was about to be arrested now for what happened to her. What was left with him was just a feeling of hatred or disgust. “Providence? Who on earth made that providence? Wasn’t that all made up by your own whims?”

“Hmmm… You still cannot admit what you did.”

More gentlemen in silk hats and suits appeared around the older man. The sound of a clock’s hands in motion emanated from the little group of the organization known as the Time Committee, which started to surround the man at the crime scene.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

“Wouldn’t it be better to execute him right now?” a red suit and red-hatted member of the Time Committee said. “He is a vicious criminal who broke providence, so it will be better for us to execute him.”

“No. He simply may have fallen to a wrong way although he is a talented person.”

“Talented? Nonsense. If he were a talented person, why would he do this brainless thing? His job is to oversee events, not catapult them forward and risk the existence of the entire world!”

“We never know. Let’s ask him again. We have to see if this law-breaker admits his sin.”

“Sinner Pastool Logan! Why did you violate ‘the providence?’ An act that resulted in the pointless vanishing of many coworkers, I might add.”

Pastool Logan stared at the gentlemen with a mournful look. At that moment, an image of an Asian man appeared. The mirage, hung before him by his questioners, as if to torment Pastool’s conscience, was a Joseon prince who, according to proper history, was supposed to die tragically but he had survived because of this incident, so as to be Pastool’s mentor. The prince wore the typical costume of the crown princes after the reign of King Seonjo, a dark blue gonryongpo or dragon robe, ikseongwan a type of crown hat, a jade belt, and mokhwa shoes.

“Are you asking me why I violated the providence? If you insist, I will answer you. Those who died under the name of ‘the providence’ or the ‘cosmic order under the status quo principle’ were very talented people.”
As if in response to Pastool’s statement, the images of recently passed away comrades slid by.

“However,” he went on, “they died even before they could show their talents. Did not they die because we did not want to see a major change? Social stability for the cosmic order? Is that your fair reason? Have you ever thought of a possibility that it has become unstable because we have killed people based on the selfish ‘stability,’ falsely known as the ‘status quo’? Why do you make one country stronger when another country gets weaker and let it destroy the weak country? Do you say that it is the providence of nature? Are you saying that your opportunistic behavior of taking one side then taking the other side is the providence of the nature? If this kind of behavior is what you really mean by the providence of the nature, I believe that someone needs to turn this whole system of ‘status quo’ from upside down.”


As soon as he finished talking, an invisible hand clapped over Pastool’s mouth. It was a restraint magic used by the Time Tribe to stop others from speaking.

“Shut up… you damn sinner!” a man in a black suit shouted at Pastool Logan.

“What should we do, Mr. Chairman?” another man in a black suit interjected.

The old gentleman stared at Pastool for a moment. “Arrest the offender.”

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